Oh hello a new visitor??

So apart from the usual visitors + the ones from nginx (some sort of reverse proxy thingy) I’ve got a new visitor from Christchurch!

17 Monday February 2014 at about 8 pm to 8.13pm ish. Ah.. I was at a maths thingy with my brother. Throwing paper darts and pieces of rubbish at this Russian guy on the other end of the room. Hahaha I feel like a little kid again :3

Before I get sidetracked…

Okay so what do I make of this? I don’t see this person anywhere else on any of my websites (unless it’s a dynamic IP or they decided to switch to nginx)

Ohhh I see. You’re on an Apple iPhone. So it’s not the same person who was using their Nexus 5. Possibly a new visitor?


Anyways, welcome to my websites buddy 🙂

I’ll be removing a couple of them later anyway because it’s too much work to maintain the others.

And guess what? I’ve made a really cool CSS fly out menu. It took me ages but I finally got it right! And then I incorporated some Javascript into it and now it’s a proper menu with working links and stuff 🙂

Too bad you guys can’t see it.