The most recent interesting visits

I’m too lazy to list proxies.

But this isn’t a proxy. Oh, no it isn’t.

It’s the University of Canterbury.

Now, who the hell has time to go to UC and visit my WordPress on a Sunday?

23 Sunday February 2014. 11.15am to 11.17am

Well… they could’ve remote accessed it. I mean, I can still do that 🙂 But my UC stuff will probably be disabled by tonight 😦

Nooooooo…. I’m going to lose all my work that I’ve saved on there!!!! Must… save…. work…. NOW!

Now let’s see…. I think both Zoe and Kate are taking a gap year this year? Could be Liam? Doubt it… Andre or Lucian? Perhaps… Or Jono. Could be Jono.


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