Exactly one month: how consistent

Exactly one month after the first visit to dA on 18 January 2014, at 6.26pm guess what? This person visits again on 18 Tuesday February 2014, 6.13pm. Like Verarri clockwork.

If I remember correctly (or rather, I should just consult my blacklist) this person was the first: the one who had visited all my websites the night before everyone else.

Because I have nothing better to do… let’s figure out who this person is, shall we?

They came in through weebly. Now that’s interesting. It lead me to think at first that this is possibly Josie or Zoe. I’ve already got down Josie’s IP so then I thought it might have been Zoe.

But this person doesn’t visit all the time. It’s after extended periods of time. So I assume it’s someone who knows Liam, but isn’t a particularly close friend. The fact that they bother to revisit probably means that Josie is a closer friend than Liam? I noticed peaks in this person’s activity after I outed Josie. Or possibly, they’ve been using a proxy for quite a long time and accidentally slipped up a couple of times.

I thought it was Zoe but then I changed my mind about it. Why did I do that again?? Oh yes, that’s right. Two reasons:

  • A visit to the poetry archive
  • A visit to my study thingy

The visit to the poetry archive to James Baxter’s poem, Mill GirlThat was what consolidated my conviction that it was probably Josie even though I knew it wasn’t. So I assumed it was someone else in my English class: Bethany Waite, Ella Graham, Harriet McGowan, Briar Patrick, Bojana Rimbovska (or however you spell her name).

Any of the above 5 could have been possible. They’re friends with Liam. Ella and Josie are buddies so that’s a possibility. Though Harriet McGowan is buddies with Oana, Kate, Sam Norris, Jono etc. so I have to keep that possibility open too. I doubt Briar would care very much; they might sing together in choirs but outside of it, I don’t believe Briar sees him as anything more than that nuisance that hangs around Jade.

Plus, the visit to the “How I study” thingy which I never finished. I assume that means the person is partially serious about study. Not much help but it probably rules out Josie. She doesn’t strike me as the type to take a look at that kind of thing.

Oh yes. And a couple of visits a few hours after the immediate change of address just yesterday. Which leads me to assume that they’re probably partially behind the proxy visits. Or at the very least, they’re related to it – a direct visit, non-referring means they knew the new address.

So it’s someone in my English class.

  • Bethany Waite
  • Ella Graham
  • Harriet McGowan
  • Briar Patrick
  • Bojana Rimbovska

Let’s not forget this person who visited my websites exactly 3 hours after the previous person.

this person went to dA, tumblr, this place, I think my old weebly places which I’ve deleted, and no place else worth mentioning.


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