My Neopets fan site

Oh hey I barely update my Neopets fan site, do I? I’m too busy building my other sites hahaha.

17 Monday February 2014

3.56 pm

Hey, you visited my Neopets site! And also my back up tumblr account at 3.59pm. Via Google search? What were you even searching for on google that my page actually came up?

Oh and to go back in time a bit, at 3.50pm you visited this place 🙂

You seem to have the link to the pentakis dodecahedron tutorial. How many times do I have to tell you, I’ve moved it? It’s pretty intuitive anyway. Just learn how to make a sonobe unit (tonnes of tutorials out there). Make 60 sonobe units. Join them in pairs to make 30 compound units. Then join the 30 in rings of 5 to make the pentakis dodecahedron.


You know guys, if you’re going to visit my Contact page or my About page, the least you can do is leave a message. I mean, that’s what the Contact page is for. It’s so lonely and empty. Feed me~


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