Piss off assholes

Hey shitkicker. Take a look at that. Five of you? Or near enough. On the Tor servers. 13 Thursday February 2014. 1.50pm to 2.40pm. Tell me, did you ask Liam for the URL and he give it to you?

Or did you have to blow him first?

Still, stats still tell me enough to know it was you lot and what pages you were visiting:

  • Home page
  • Scholarship results – suck it bitches! I know I did better than all you lot.
  • And the most recent posts.

Judging by the looks of things, none of you have an appreciation for manga.

Or for Liam, for that matter.

I think Liam actually likes the attention he gets from all this. Otherwise he wouldn’t bother giving you the URL every time you ask for it. Or every time you do a Google search for it either. How nice of you all to continually remind Liam that I – his crazy stalker bitch – still exists. I was beginning to fear that he’d forgotten me. Especially if it had taken him almost 2 weeks to finally find the damned place. (I can’t believe he’d forgotten me for 2 weeks.)

I should put lots of media on my page so that the proxy servers break down when they try to load all that crap.


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