If you think I owe you an apology, read on

Well, I decided to do this post.

If you think I owe you an apology, either leave a comment here with your name or go to my Ask.fm (if you know it) and leave your full name there.

Well, you don’t have to include your last name. But if there’s any ambiguities, obviously I won’t be able to do anything about it.

Or you could just submit an Ask into my Tumblr (if you remember what it is – wait, of course you do).

Whatever way you feel like contacting me, if you want to do all of the above possibilities, then go for it. You’re just wasting your time, once is enough.

Then, I’ll write up something and post it.

Simple as that, eh?

Too bad none of you have the balls (or jugs… most of you are female) to do that. HAHAHAHA I guess that means I win. But yeah, I’ll be repentant and write an apology. Take me up on my offer?


Oh, and I might as well continue my log:

Returning visitor, 10 Tuesday February 2014, 5.52pm

First visited on 29 January 2014. Returning visit on the 10th Feb. 8.27pm to 8.32pm Doesn’t appear as if you actually read any of my posts, just took a look around?

The one from Porirua? Also 10th Feb. At about 10.13am to 10.25 am. Everyone likes my “Josie is an idiot Hippo” post 🙂

9 Monday February 2014. 9.55pm to 9.58pm Similar pages visited. Boring.


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