I think I may be close to who the next person is…

Just logged on, checking the statistics. Hey, guess who is back for more?

Hmmm… checking back my old notes, this person first made an appearance on 29 Wednesday January 2014 to my old URL. That was almost 2 weeks since the first visitors came. They’ve been quite diligent about returning visits, too. So who can this person possibly be?

Well, I know that Zoe, Kate and Jade returned from their trip somewhere up north sometime around then. Was it the Jan 26th?

I’m going to have to work the assumption that it’s one of those three. Considering that Jade probably has no cause to visit my blog so often – I mean seriously, why would she? – I’ll have to assume it’s either Kate or Zoe.

Checking tumblr, Zoe last updated about 4 hours ago. That would’ve been around 10am this morning. Kate updated a day ago.

Now, this visitor was active beginning at 12.40pm when they came here. And also to http://mystiqnight.wordpress.com/ but considering there’s nothing there, they ended the search at that point. Left at about 12.49pm

Visitor length: 9 minutes.

Visitor paths: all of the posts here, pretty much.

So it’s someone who’s looking for something different.

I’m thinking that this particular person might be Zoe. Hello, is that you Zoe Tyson?


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