Lookie here – back for more?

You came back. And so you visit at 5.57pm and have a totter around for about 7 minutes before leaving. Here, and at my latest address, http://mystiqnight.wordpress.com/

I’m curious; are you the same person who was submitting questions to my Ask.fm? It seems like it. Turns out I did leave some clues lying around. You guys just never bothered to check.

You know…. just go look for my Neopets account, it’s all explained there. Of course, I had to use substitute words because Neopets has a very strict policy on what you are and aren’t allowed to say. You’re not even allowed to use the word “Google” on Neopets. Can you believe it?

Not to mention this person again.



Ah well… head over to Ask.fm again. Let’s have some fun I’m bored.


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