You guys are welcome to the cache

Hey, you guys are welcome to the cache if you like it so much.

Just to warn you: my page no longer looks like that any more. Have fun.

Oooh a visitor from Germany. I wonder… could that be Lea? How many other German people do I know? Hmmm… I know Ciara can speak fluent German.

And someone from Porirua? That doesn’t really make sense.

An Aucklander – visiting the “Liam Fantasy” page.


What have we got?

Okay, so in order to access the cache, you must have visited the website before, back before I changed the URL. They’re both online at the same time, so they must’ve gotten the idea off each other.

No wait… I’m thinking of browsing history, not the actual Google cache… hmmm… this is going to be tricky.

They must be really desperate to see what I’ve written then if they have to dig through their web browser’s cache.

  • Liam and TFIOS post
  • The home page
  • I have a Liam craving – yeah, I like that post too 🙂
  • Love Category
  • Wow, even a post from beta-faerie. I don’t even monitor that page any more. Does it still exist? Nope, it doesn’t. Woops. Oh no wait, my bad. It still exists
  • How the school tried to screw me over: a television drama with ten episodes and two seasons
  • December archive
  • Liam replacement
  • Hmmm… they seem to be interested over my confusion about Alex, Amy and Liza – possible connection?
  • Curling up in Liam’s bed – don’t we all want to do that? 😉
  • The series of how the school tried to screw me over
  • My list of complaints for the day
  • 35 random facts about me
  • Let’s think about this carefully

Go on, keep visiting so I know which ones to tell Google Webmaster to remove.


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