It’s been a while since I’ve checked this place

Hey, new visitors! Whether or not they’re legit visitors, I’ll have to check their activity over the next wee while, won’t I?

Let’s see…


There’s someone using their iPhone and visiting my pages. Oooh I see they’re on 2 degrees. Visited on 30 Thursday January 2014, at 10.40am and went to a few pages, and again on 31 Friday January 2014, at about 10.25am.

I notice this person entered my wordpress page at 12.12pm today, 1 Saturday February 2014. Then they went to check out my Protected Pages to take a look at my “Liam Fantasy” post and accidentally navigated away. Then they figured out how to get back and refreshed the page once. So does that mean you got the password or not?

So who is that? This is interesting. I need to know whether or not they’re a legitimate visitor. Their visitor paths are not as ridiculous as the girls’ but I’m thinking it’s still one of the same people – which means they’ve found my page and Liam is behind it? Access point is someplace different – possibly at someone else’s house? No wait hold on… it’s labelled as “Business and Industry”. So accessed from work? The visitor times seem about right-ish. So who was slacking off at work today and visiting my wordpress on their Nexus 5?

Hmmm… this is worrying. That particular IP address has been blacklisted on 2 DNS lists. Apparently, they have a bad reputation with sending emails – well, I don’t understand that kind of thing very well so the only thing I’ve gathered is: dodgy visitor. On my site.

Piss off.

Now, this person has been visiting since 29 Wednesday January 2014. First time at about 10.40pm, and went through all the posts here. Subsequent visits spaced a day apart, just going to the homepage. Looking for updates? Here’s an update for you!

I’m being told that you’re in Auckland. But are you really? On another search, it says somewhere at the top of the South Island, probably around Picton. But you know what I think? Christchurch.


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