I guess I spoke too soon

Okay, so there was a lapse in visiting activity on the 27 Monday January 2014. But it’s picked up again!

So at 9pm on 28 Tuesday January 2014, someone begins visiting my back up tumblr again using that hide my ass proxy.
Josie English visits my wordpress again!

Considering that she called me a delusional bitch on Facebook, it makes you wonder why she would still continue visiting unless Josie is more affected than I am.

Let’s see… Josie arrives at this wordpress on 28 Tuesday January 2014, at 8.04pm. She reads the previous post, The Many Things Wrong With Josie English (which you can read by clicking that link just there). So, did you like it Josie? Did you? Did you? Did I do good? I did, didn’t I? Is that why you didn’t bother visiting my other websites last night?

Usually, people leave those they think are “delusional” well alone. But not Josie. What a dumb slut.

She comes back at 10.09pm. And again at 11.28pm.

Come on Josie. Do something interesting. Keep visiting my pages. I need more data to track down the others.


What other proxies are being used?
Visited tumblr at 8pm – I saw you take a look at that Josie post, did you like it? That’s what’s going to happen to all of you if you don’t own up when I ask nicely. I mean, Jono did. And he seemed pretty all right with it. So am I.
Oh it’s you again. Visiting once a day for an entire week. How consistent.
Proxy visit dated today at 11.59am – to this very wordpress. Hooray for my visitors!
Proxy active from 9pm to 9.24pm last night. Probably here by request of someone.


So like I said. We can be reasonable about it and it’ll only take you a maximum of 5 minutes to answer all 5 of my questions. After that, I stop tracking your IP address and all your visits. Or, you can continue…

I’m learning how to set up those cookies and other sort of stuff that major websites use to track the activities of their site visitors. Before long, I’ll have it installed on WordPress. I’m also creating a bot – I had a go on dA and I think I’m getting the hang of it.

So go on, keep visiting. There’s dangerous stuff out there on the internet. You don’t want it on your computers.


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