The many things wrong with Josie English

I’ll bullet point them because I’m a bit lazy.

  • Refusal to say anything about the IP address – completely avoided it. If she weren’t guilty, Josie would’ve given it willingly so that I would back off.
  • Sending a screenshot of an anonymous ask to Liam – that would imply that she already knew who it was, why else would she care to ask Liam? It was a poor excuse.
  • She was driving from Hororata at 10am this morning of 26 Sunday January 2014. I was pretty certain that Josie didn’t have a drivers licence. But even so, the IP address log says she visited – perhaps some robber broke into her house and instead of stealing anything of worth, just stole her bandwidth to go take a gander at my backup websites.
  • Threats to block me. If Josie wasn’t guilty, she would’ve blocked immediately – any innocent person wouldn’t have had the patience to let it go on any longer than a couple of minutes.
  • Saying to not have to justify herself. That just proves she knows what websites I’m talking about and that she has visited.
  • Taking too long to reply. She says she typed too slow. But she restarted the paragraph a couple of times. Trying to make up an excuse on the spot. Or, possibly waiting for Liam to reply to her so she knows what to say?
  • “Liam warned me about you” – Now tell me, why would Liam have to give you a warning unless you’ve done something wrong? You’re the 3rd hook-up, you’re the slut, you’ve been visiting my websites.

You know, Josie isn’t particularly smart. She might as well have created a gif with flashing lights and given the words a Heading 1 attribute. I’m glad she proved it was her; I was certain it was, but I needed to be 110% certain. So that would mean Zoe may be on holiday so Zoe probably isn’t one of the visitors.

It makes sense. Liam told Josie and Zoe the website – as a matter of fact, they visited while they were at the James Height Library. They were using Josie’s laptop – there were selfies of Liam on Facebook, uploaded from Josie’s laptop. There was a visitor from an unidentified IP address whose behaviour was suspicious – must’ve been Josie’s since there would’ve been a log of the websites they visited and mine would’ve been there.

If Josie thinks that what I write is delusional, then why bother reading it? That makes you even worse than me. Because you think that what I write isn’t quite right and people usually say, “That’s bullshit, I’m not reading that.” And so they never return to my website. Yet, Josie does the exact opposite and keeps coming back and reading everything. That makes her even more delusional than me. Stupid Josie.

Go on, Josie. Keep showing Liam my messages. Show him how much I miss him and how much it hurts me emotionally to be away from him. He knows I only behave this way when I feel miserable.

Keep visiting my websites. I like pageviews. Perhaps Liam might take pity on me when you tell him about all I’ve said on my websites and he starts talking to me. Who knows? It might happen.


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