More new visitors!

All righty then! This is becoming a treasure hunt.

Quite a lot of the visits were around 6.30pm -ish last night, 26 Sunday January 2014. Too bad I was having dinner and couldn’t be online to see who else was online.

So we’ve got revisiting. They were the first person to visit before all the rest came. Now that I’ve got Josie down, it’s not her. And, seeing as Kate, Zoe and Jade just got back from their trip about up north, I doubt it was one of them. That narrows it down a bit, doesn’t it?

So you visit this wordpress account from my tumblr. You like it? I keep it updated, just for you guys.

And now for a new visitor! Possibly one of Josie’s friends? Visits at 4.30pm -ish. DeviantART, tumblr, wordpress. Boring.

Now this person is a bit more interesting.

Tumblr – 6.16pm

WordPress – 6.17pm

dA – 6.18pm

Weebly – 6.18pm (and also from dA at 6.24pm)

Poetry archive – 6.24pm too

And hey, someone else made it to my account! Hooray 🙂 I got a question at 6.37pm, coinciding with all the visits coming in, especially from

Could it have been you? Do you have a Neopets account? Please add me~!


2 new visitors. Is one of them Liam?


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