Traffic is slowing down

So aside from and a couple of others who visit using non-open proxies, namely this proxy, traffic to my sites has been slowing down.

If I remember correctly from last time, kept on visiting my sites after I moved them up to 2 weeks – using proxies. That was Josie or Zoe last time, wasn’t it? I think it was.

Oh, and another visit from a proxy at 2.25pm today. To my replacement tumblr. Ha. It’s blank but there should be stuff there now 🙂 Due to this post taking up the space. Not sick of my replacement weebly site yet? What a pity. Not updating it any time soon. Weebly uses up too much bandwidth.

And OH MY GOODNESS PEOPLE ARE VISITING MY NEOPETS FAN-SITE!!!! Yay 🙂 Well, I get visitors from other sources too, but I just wanted to see if I can persuade you guys to visit (turns out I can). Now, all you guys need to do is create a Neopets account and help me build my website. Nice to see you at Helpful Neopians 🙂 You too,, the very first visitor. I see you’re back. And to my weebly. Did you like my “horror” poem that was supposed to be a story? I’m thinking of writing a Hamlet fanfiction later. You know, I’m suspecting that you saved a link to my “Liam fantasy” post. Did you ever get the password for it? It was a pretty easy one.

I wonder what happened to the rest. Well, there’s no need to wonder it’s pretty obvious: if you go to a site and you don’t see what you went there for, you leave. You lose interest. Except for this stubborn bitch who doesn’t seem to be like other people.


Or, perhaps Liam responded to that tumblr message I sent him. It turns out I wasn’t blocked after all. I followed him on tumblr and on my dashboard I saw his stuff… so I unfollowed him before he found out. I hope he doesn’t block me. Maybe Liam felt bad for telling his “friends” all my websites and he told them to stop visiting and leave me alone. Ha… likely story.


I’ve been thinking about what that Anon said. Was it coincidence that they all came? I think not. He keeps saying that there are links all over my dA. Which is true. BUT there is no way to identify me on dA except by my birthday – which only a handful of people know off by heart. So unless someone told them that particular dA page belonged to me, no one would know. Except for the people I’ve told personally. But what do they care? If Belinda was on my websites and found something interesting, she would’ve brought them up in conversation and those people visiting my websites would be my friends and they’d reveal themselves to me. Reuben hardly visits dA and if he did, he would’ve made some comment like, “Oh you’ve made a Liam website. How cute.” Similarly, Chris would’ve made a comment somewhere and Andre doesn’t even use dA often enough to know what’s going on there. Perhaps Rachel was on my dA page (or even Marie) but then why does their visitor statistics say they came to my weebly first and arrived at dA from weebly? It doesn’t make sense. And if it was Rachel, then Reuben would’ve been there too. And I don’t think Reuben was among the visitors.

So it only makes sense if it was Liam who told others what my dA page is. And from there, they’d spread out and explore. Common visits also came from tumblr after they’d first arrived at weebly, suggesting that all of them have tumblr. And the four facebook referrals? Yeah, they’ve been having Facebook chats.

As a matter of fact, I’ve noticed those Facebook referrals every once in a while in the past. I was confused by them and now I know where they’re from – those girls on Facebook chat.

To find my dA, as this Anon has suggested it was complete coincidence the girls happened upon my websites, the girls would need to know what they were searching for. And since I don’t know them and they don’t know me, how would they know what type of artwork I post?

It can’t be coincidence. The first of them to reach my websites did so via a direct link, no referrer. So they already knew the website URL for my weebly. Then a day later came the others. So the first person must’ve been told my URL. After she visited, she told the others. Or maybe the first person who visited was Liam? Either way, the first visit wasn’t coincidence. Someone had given them information. Whether Liam had supplied that information a few days ago or a few months ago, it doesn’t detract from the fact that Liam had told them. I can’t believe he would do that. To what purpose does it serve him?



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