Take a look at those statistics!


Isn’t that amazing?

It’s nice to know you guys like my blog so much 🙂

It doesn’t appear anyone has figured out my new weebly address or my new wordpress.

I’m too busy to be up-vamping on security, but after the New Year I should be all good. Expect to see some more changes around February 1st.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to all those proxies, does there? It doesn’t matter, you know. Your IP address changes each time you connect to the server, so by the next time you check your IP there’s a chance that it will have changed and I’ll be chasing after a legitimate website visitor.

Idiots. You guys don’t know anything about computers, do you?

And you know what else?

Liam really does care about me. He wouldn’t be going to all this trouble (he wouldn’t have even bothered to find my websites) if he wasn’t in the least interested in me.

Bitches, be jealous.


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