So the latest visitors, beginning from last night

Hey, it’s you again. Josie or Zoe. 6.15pm and again at 7.22pm today through a proxy. Don’t you get to eat dinner or is your family so broken that you just have it in your room in front of the computer? I think it’s more likely that you’re just starving yourself.

Let’s see… last night at 10pm, all the way to 11.21pm. I thought I had no social life, but your life must be a hell of a lot more dull than mine if you prefer to be looking through my blog (now empty) than doing whatever it is you do every night. Actually, that goes for all of you.

oooh you saw my paperclip post. I filmed it using my left hand. Did you like it? Liam must have been pretty impressed by it if he sent you a link to my post through Facebook.

Tried to use a proxy but I saw right through that.

More uses of the same proxy as the previous person.

Ohhh it’s you again. The one who visited a day earlier than everyone else and probably told all the others.

Then there’s that person, who refreshed at my page over 100 times in the space of 12 minutes.

Them, too.


It sucks when you fail and don’t find anything more about me. Except for your own internet trek. How long does it take to creep you guys out so that you never return?


2 thoughts on “So the latest visitors, beginning from last night

    • Hey, it’s not my problem if you decide to visit my deviantART page, continuously refresh at this WordPress blog. And come on, that study guide thingy? I hadn’t updated it in FOREVER and you still find it interesting? Cool. Maybe you can submit some stuff to it. If your brain isn’t too affected.
      And hey, good to see you still like my old tumblr page.

      All at 10.30pm on a Friday night. Get a life.

      Bitch, you’re just scared of me. Otherwise you wouldn’t waste your time creating a fake email address and looking up random articles.

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