Reposting this from my newly moved site

There’s at least 5 of you. I’m not sure if Liam is among the group of IP addresses I have managed to harvest from my site statistics.

I found it kind of interesting how in particular,, tried to figure out the passwords. How many did you get? Judging by the large number of refreshes it would appear you spent quite a bit of time, well into the morning! For most of them, there seemed to only be a couple of tries… after what? A success or a failure? But you’d probably need a bit of Liam’s help if you’d want to get the answers.

Four redirects from Facebook. I guess I can safely assume Liam has found his way to my websites and has been sharing it with you. I’m guessing one of them is Josie, since had clicked on my link to Josie’s tumblr 3 times. I see that this person has visited my dA account on 20 November 2013, the night of the Chemistry exam.

Then you have, the first person to begin visiting and they trawled through all my pages. First noticed that you entered through my weebly.

But who else do I think you are? Well, here are some hunches I have:

  • Kristin
  • Kate
  • Zoe
  • Gabby
  • Poppy – some girl who goes to Linwood? I think she’s a year younger than I am.
  • Adele Louise? Who is that? Someone who claims to be 19 and living in NZ

But hey, if you remove Poppy and Adele Louise and put in Josie, what do you get? Exactly 5 people.

I’m hurt that none of you visited my Neopets fan-site even though you visited everywhere else :( At least one of you visited that poetry archive I hadn’t bothered updating. And that other weebly site I haven’t bothered updating.

And it seems none of you have guessed the new URL of my website.


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